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12:50pm 27/02/2007
  smoke weed, some more  
08:48pm 31/01/2006
  today is blinks birthday, recognize.
happy birthday blink!!!!!
02:40am 21/01/2006
  the shrooms just won't stop growin im lovin it.hung out with josh and alyssa tonight they got a new bizong too its sweet.  
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12:31am 18/01/2006
  Today was a little better at work because Brett works with me now which is awesome,can't wait till we smoke weed together on our breaks.

TOKE DANK!!! 23!!!
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01:02pm 15/01/2006

from phil
12:49am 11/01/2006
  today was my second day of college. haha. oh man, i'm thinkin of studying botany and a big reason is the flower aspect of it or i want be jeff corwin.  
12:53pm 03/01/2006
11:47am 27/12/2005

i got a digital camera for christmas   
01:34am 27/12/2005
  christmas was fun with blink. we are starting to grow things.....

white butterfly flowers blink bought for me

basil,cilantro,dill,and chives

flowers, and cool new guinea plant

purple cabbage plant

christmas cactus

rosemary christmas tree


tomatoes and strawberries

bartsimpson chia pet

mushrooms by blink
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10:53am 19/11/2005
  my birthday days were awesome. blink made it awesome  
10:55am 16/11/2005
phil is making it fun as hell... we are also high as hell.
3day birthday fun starts today. hash, opium and krip.
10:48am 02/11/2005
  i saw banners on my way into town that were awesome saying things like "stop bushes regime," it was pretty sweet. then on my way back home i saw a guy in camo pants with a shaved head and a tucked in t-shirt cutting them down.. what a douche bag.  
04:29pm 01/11/2005
  working at cvs has become prettyy easy because it is so routine. and life is good other than work.

all the supreme court judges are being picked off one by one and it is left up to george w to pick those to replace them. it is time to mourn our rights as human beings as now they are starting to build the kind of supreme court they need in order to make this as much of a christian america as they can. kiss your access to your uterus good bye ladies. lets cut the balls offthe old christian men of the right. and women who are against freedom of body.. i have nothing i can say to you ,you sick bitches
10:57am 12/10/2005
  annie and i both got interviews at whole foods in an attempt to escape our really crappy jobs. i think it would be pretty awesome to work there, especially during breaks where i could use my 20 percent discount to buy some really good vegan food. phil seems to really like working there.. he a got a raise just the other day. we haven't been able to do much lately though because we do both work so we see each other whenever we can and sometimes it works out that he works when i don't or vise versa but then other times we seem to get off together. i really miss doing things like going to protests, fnb, and writing my zine with erica which is pretty much done except for a few things. speaking of erica i really miss her and falling off bikes with her. but anyway i am hoping to start to get my shit together and after i get signed up for valencia in spring i plan on starting to do more and take more time off from work because boy do i fucking hate work.